Articles and videos

At the moment, I regularly publish videos on Youtube and (less regularly) publish articles on Medium.

Here are some of my favorite videos: five popular learning myths, the great cornhole experiment, what no one tells you about learning faster, and forgetting doesn’t work like you think.

And here are some of my favorite articles: AI doesn’t work like our brains, the RCT fetish, cliffs notes on crack, and the wicked effectiveness of retrieval practice.

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Online courses

I’ve made some courses over the past few years on learning and science.

Knowable is an audio course platform. I have a course there titled Lies About Learning.

Highbrow is an email course platform. I have two courses there: The Science of Learning and How Science Works.

Listenable is Highbrow’s audio version of its courses: The Science of Learning (audio) and How Science Works (audio).

Survey Design Guide

Surveys are ubiquitous research tools. But to get valuable information from a survey, you need to write it in a particular way. Here is my short primer on getting it right.